Young people are looking out for the planet.
But who’s looking out for us?

In 2019, 1.6 million youth took to the streets.

It was hailed "the year of the youthquake" as we joined the call for climate justice.

Why we do what we do

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We demanded that governments around the world declare a climate emergency

We succeeded

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We demanded a European Green New Deal

We succeeded

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We demanded mass divestment of fossil fuels from schools and universities

We succeeded

We achieved all of this, but around the world it has left us with:

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Climate anxiety, burnout and loneliness

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Severe climate mental health impacts

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State violence, extreme trolling and threats to safety

We can meet our global climate targets only with supported, resilient and connected youth changemakers. Support us to enable youth-led change.

Without support, we risk the Youth Climate Movement becoming a moment in history, rather than a turning point.

Support us in helping others like us.

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