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Our next round of circles

Spring 2024
Online. International, with a focus on regional, intersectional and COP focused circles
140 places

What is a Resilience Circle?

Aged 18-25 and feeling all the feels about the climate crisis?

Our resilience programme moves you through a journey of climate activation. The 10-week course enables you to learn the transformational skills to boost your resilience, understand climate anxiety and reduce burnout.

Things are intense out there, so we're making space for real talk, joy, and being with people who really get it.

The Circles are facilitated by existing youth changemakers who we train to be co-hosts. These co-hosts recruit their own Circle participants, creating a new community from people in their movements, people who live near them or people who share their lived experience.

  • Summer: Apply to be a Resilience Circle participant

  • Autumn: Join a Resilience Circle

  • Autumn: Attend your 10-week Circle journey

  • Apply to join our 12-month Resilience Fellowship Programme

Our free 10-week programme:

  • Engages young people in real talk about the climate crisis
  • Shares learnings from experts in the field
  • Explores resilience strategies to deal with burnout and climate anxiety
  • Creates a long-lasting community of care and joy
  • Sets young changemakers up to take action sustainably , whilst prioritising mental health
  • Empowers young environmentalists to feel confident and included

You don't need to be an 'activist' to apply. You just need to have an interest in climate and be available to commit time to your Circle.

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Some of our previous circles

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Our Resilience Circles combine depth psychology, insights from the inner development goals and community building to create our unique "climate activation" journey.

We recognise that urgent climate action is crucial. But how do we make our action sustainable, avoid burnout and keep fighting for the long run? How do we transform our fear and anger into something constructive, and build supportive networks to lift each other up?

Our Circles meet weekly, for 8-10 weeks, in person and online, to build knowledge, community and practice.

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Build knowledge

by offering free workshops with expert knowledge on climate anxiety and burnout

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Build community

by spending time together sharing our own experiences and challenges

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Build practise

by testing different resilience strategies and dreaming up what resilient climate action looks like

How it works

After taking part in our Resilience Circles:

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100% agreed that the experience had a positive impact on their wellbeing
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100% agreed they now had the tools to process climate anxiety and burnout
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100% agreed that they felt connected to and supported by their new climate community

When you attend a Resilience Circle, you can expect:

  • To embed within a supportive and strong community
  • To engage in real talk about the climate crisis
  • Learn from experts in the field
  • To learn strategies in our resilience framework
  • To get support from like-minded peers
  • To feel empowered and confident in your activism

What our community says

I entered this experience feeling really new to both activist and wellbeing spaces and feeling like I didn’t really know what I was doing. I now feel much more confident to have my own opinions and convictions, and to trust them, rather than always deferr

Amazon Green

Amazon Green

2022 Circle Co-Host

My experience at the resilience residential was a mind-blowing experience, it was the first time I had been in a space where I was able to be in an environment where I was able to freely express my feelings and learn from people from different backgrounds.

Samuel Owusu Appiah

Samuel Owusu Appiah

2022 Circle Co-Host

Being part of the resilience circle has been incredibly valuable to me. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, allowed me to meet some incredible people and to feel understood by others. It has changed the way I treat myself and how I think about the world. I am immensely grateful for this experience and would recommend it to all.

Sejal Patel-Roberts

Sejal Patel-Roberts

2022 Circle Participant

This has been a completely life changing experience. I’ve deepened my relationship with myself, learnt how to hold space for difficult emotions (my own and others), developed my facilitation skills, and made friends for life.

Eleanor Murray

Eleanor Murray

2022 Circle Co-Host

I recommend it to anyone in or out of activism, it embodies the vision of community that I wish to see in society. Put simply it's the highlight of my week.

Teddy Monroe

Teddy Monroe

2022 Circle Participant

This experience has been transformational in all the best ways. The people here are committed to helping you flourish. I would recommend this experience a thousand times over to those who want to grow as compassionate community organisers.

Izzie Fanfan

Izzie Fanfan

2022 Circle Co-Host

Two words: life changing. The Resilience Project found ways to touch every aspect of my life. The six months since finding the Resilience Project has felt like learning a better reality, one that exists at the edges of what seems possible.

Adam Mitchell

Adam Mitchell

2021 Circle Co-Host

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