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What climate leaders say

The Resilience Project is exactly what's needed. All too often we neglect our own psychological health, even as we take on a massive burden of responsibility and stress in confronting the world's great predicaments. This is a great initiative, and I strongly support it.

George Monibot

Author & Guardian columnist

The Resilience Project could not be more timely nor more urgently needed… Enabling young people to gain the necessary tools to avoid burnout and increase wellbeing could turn out to be the most significant contribution we can make to bringing about transformative and lasting change.

Caroline Lucas

Green Party MP

There is something unique about the Resilience Project, it manages to stretch young people’s understanding at the same time as ‘holding’ them securely. They create supportive intergenerational conversations, coalition between practitioners and researchers and put young activists at the centre of the work.

Caroline Hickman

Psychotherapist &
Lecturer at the University of Bath

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