"Hands up if you have eco-anxiety?" we asked a room full of adults.
No one responded.

"Hands up if you're angry, depressed or scared about the climate crisis?"
Everyone put their hands in the air.

Eco-anxiety affects adults too - they just might not have the language to describe it.

We've transformed our knowledge of green leadership, resilience and wellbeing into effective workshops. Backed by climate psychology and insights from the international youth climate movement, our workshops will help you build knowledge, connection and organisational resilience.

Whether you're a leadership team desiring nature connection or an NGO struggling to manage staff climate anxiety and burnout levels, our workshops are tailored to fit your existing needs, understandings and desired outcomes.

All of our workshops are delivered by young climate leaders on our ambassador programme with first-hand experience of the inner change needed to achieve powerful external transformation.

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1 - 4 hours

Our Eco-anxiety workshop relates to climate emotions and the psychological impacts of the climate crisis. It uses a depth psychology approach to explain climate emotions and how to handle them.

You'll leave with an understanding of what ‘eco-anxiety' is, the literature around it, where it comes from, and how we act in relation to it.

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2 - 4 hours

Our Burnout workshop explores what burnout is, what exacerbates it and how we can meaningfully prevent it.

It has been developed with activists and resilience practitioners, with rigorous testing over 3 years.

You'll leave with key strategies to mitigate burnout.

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Resilience Rucksack

2 - 4 hours

Our Resilience Rucksack workshop explores the themes of climate anxiety, wellbeing and resilience.

It actively explores how we can build resilience, together.

You'll leave with a greater sense of team cohesion, understanding and practical strategies to take forward.

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½ day - 3 days

We specialise in moving groups through strong and powerful processes. We typically do this in nature settings. Whether it's inner-led change, team connection or recovering from burnout, we've got an experience for that.

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What our workshop clients say

The workshop was incredibly validating and gave really helpful reframes to emotions that I know myself and my peers have often yet don’t see clear pathways for support on.

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Backed by 4 years of exceptional impact data, we know how to unlock and sustain resilience beyond youth.

We offer consultancy to clients around Gen-Z employee needs, wellbeing, mental health support, organisational resilience and more.

We also help with content creation around the themes of eco-anxiety, burnout, resilience and wellbeing. We can help you with guest blogs, social media, interviews, partnerships and more.

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