[Closed] Applications are now open for the 2024 Resilience Residential

Ronke Ayoola

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Have you missed out this year? You can now register interest to join our online Resilience Circles instead!

The Resilience Residential is back for its 3rd instalment, offering 20 places for pairs of European changemakers (age 18-26) to train, empower and transform their activism. You’ll be trained in-person to host a 10-week Resilience Circle, online, for other young people in Europe. 

May-Dec. All chosen Circle Leads will be matched with an exceptional intergenerational mentor for 9-months of free mentoring. Your mentor will support you through the process of hosting your own Resilience Circle and will work with you to develop your skills, be that personal, professional or in your changemaking.

July. Advertise and recruit 10-15 young people aged 18-25 to join your online Resilience Circle.

July 25-29th, Kent, United Kingdom. 5-day nature retreat. You'll join changemakers from around Europe and be trained to lead our 10-week Resilience Circle programme, which you will facilitate on Zoom.

July-Sep. Join free trainings to become certified Mental Health First Aid Trainers and compassionate facilitators.

Sep-Dec. Resilience Circles begin, running concurrently around the world. Meet weekly with your Circle for 10-weeks and learn resilience tools, find collective joy and build a strong community of belonging.

Excited? You should be! Final checklist, are you...

  • Passionate about climate justice?

  • 18-25 years old?

  • A compassionate leader in-the-making and a great listener?

  • Interested in having real talk about the climate crisis?

  • Looking to reduce eco-anxiety and burnout in yourself and your peers?

  • Keen to build resilience in the youth climate movement?

  • Proficient in the English language?

  • Based in the UK or Europe?

  • Have the capacity for a 9-month development journey? 

If so, apply now! Applications close 11:59pm BST Tuesday 30th April 2024. See FAQs below for more.

Who can apply?

European youth: Applications are open to young changemakers based in Europe, including the UK, who will be living in Europe from July-December 2024.

Active inclusion: We believe that the climate crisis is intersectional, meaning it intersects with a variety of other systems of oppression around race, class warfare, gender identity, ability and faith. Addressing all of those other challenges are part of the solution. There is complexity to our emotions and experiences, and we welcome it all here. 

For your 10-week Resilience Circles, we actively encourage building resilient communities around shared lived experience. This includes but is not limited to marginalised people with variation of faiths, ethnicities, LGBTQ+ identities or socio-economic backgrounds.

Pairs: As Resilience Circles are co-hosted in pairs, we will be prioritising paired applications. Individual applications will be accepted, and should individuals be successful, we will pair them up with another individual.

Find out more about the Resilience Residential 

Find out more about Resilience Circles 

Cool! So what's in it for me?

✨A stipend of £300/€350 (+ travel expenses to the Residential)

✨5 days of deep restoration at our Resilience Residential, including wild swimming, campfires, great food and heaps of personal development

Free training to become a certified Mental Health First Aider and climate cafe facilitator

✨8 months of free intergenerational mentoring with experts in psychology, change-making, communications and leadership

✨CV super booster: new and improved skills in facilitation, leadership and project management

✨Strengthen your movement with the proven benefits of our programme: improved climate action, improved mental health, and reduced feelings of climate anxiety and burnout

✨Have fun and make friends for life

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Am I eligible to apply?

This year we’re accepting applications from young people aged 18-25, who are based in the UK and Europe. If you are based outside of this region, please stay tuned! We’re working hard to expand our programme to other regions in the future.

Do I have to apply as a pair?

Preference will be given to people who apply as pairs because you will be working in pairs to co-host your Resilience Circle. We encourage you to apply as a pair if you already have a friend who is equally passionate about the project and you know you work well with. If you don’t have anyone to apply with, we may be able to pair you up with someone else who has applied individually. However, please be aware that we will prioritise applications from pairs.

What will it cost me?

Nothing! Nada! Zilch! This is a 9+ month journey together, and not only is it totally free and full of free workshops and training, you’ll actually get paid £300/€350 for your time and effort. You’ll be offered up to £200 travel expenses to get you to our Residential. 

When will I get paid?

Applicants will receive their honorarium payments by December 2024 (£300/€350). We want to ensure that finances do not limit access to the programme, so in special cases, we may allow for the honorarium to be delivered in 2 staggered instalments. 

What capacity does this require?

The initial requirement is a willingness and capacity to come together for our in-person Residential in July 25-29, 2024. Beyond this: 

  • Be a Circle Leader: We'll equip you with all the tools you need to recruit 10-15 young people and lead a thriving online circle of 15 amazing people. Circles will be 2 hours per week at a time and day of your choice.

  • Monthly meetings: Check in with our community, troubleshoot any problems and share ideas 

  • Monthly mentoring: Meeting once a month with your allocated mentor 

  • Additional training: You’ll become a certified Mental Health First Aider, which involves a 2-day online training

Is the Residential accessible? 

The Residential will take place in a wheelchair-accessible location in Kent. Accommodation is in shared dorms (gender-specific) and private camping is welcome. We will ensure the venue has a prayer room. Participants will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the venue, with transportation covered by The Resilience Project (up to £200).