Embodying Faith: Ramadan to Eid

Ishraq Abdalla | 2024

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An essay on Resilience x Ramadan By Ishraq Osman 

Ishraq Osman, Co-Founder of The Afrabia Climate Project, is a Sudanese climate justice advocate and seasoned climate mobility researcher based in the UAE. With a background in environmental sciences, she is also dedicated to rebuilding our marine life whilst delivering climate justice across communities and ecosystems. Engaging in cultural perspectives, mental health resilience for climate, and addressing the synergies of conflict with climate, Ishraq finds hope in discovering a more imaginative discourse in the climate space. Ishraq has been a member of The Resilience project Board of Youth since 2023.

Thirty days to rejuvenation and purity. Thirty days to reflect on our ever-changing existential relationship to this earth and with a time harmonically defined by the faces of the moon. Thirty days to break free from aimless wandering and rediscover our spiritual awakening. 

This year, Ramadan coincided with a time marked by numerous tragedies, testing our faith in humanity. Amidst the loss of lives and souls, my heart ached as I witnessed my homeland, Sudan, torn apart, with families displaced and many returning to God, as we describe it in Islam. Our souls weighed heavy with the burdens of the world. As we wandered astray, our hearts hardened.

“Ramadan, however, softened those hardened hearts.

Like a gentle veil of patience enveloping our Muslim community, our ummah, Ramadan provided solace and hope. Millions embarked on pilgrimages to Mecca, carrying with them baskets brimming with worries and prayers, releasing them like lanterns into the sky during this month of Mercy.”

From shared iftars with family to the tranquillity of late-night prayers, Ramadan granted me the opportunity to cleanse my vision and reignite hope through faith. Despite grappling with eco-anxiety and the despair for our planet and humanity’s future, engaging in prayer, fasting, and other spiritual practices allowed me to strengthen my mind and deepen my understanding of my purpose and existence.

As Eid approaches, bringing with it spirits of joy, laughter, and increased generosity, we remain mindful of the struggles faced by our ummah. Our prayers extend to communities around the world, from the D.R. Congo to the Sudanese, the Palestinians to the Uyghurs, and beyond. It is in our solidarity and unwavering faith that we find the resilience to strive for justice and stand united in the face of adversity.

With peace and barakat,

Ishraq Osman