The 2024 Resilience Circles

Matt Sowerby

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Feeling the weight of the climate crisis? 

Our international 2024 Resilience Circles are waiting for you; join now and find your peace, power and people. 

Are you aged 18-26 and overwhelmed by the climate crisis? You're not alone. But what if you could navigate these feelings, build resilience, and take action alongside a supportive community?

Our youth-led Resilience Circles offer a powerful 10-week programme designed specifically for young people like you. These free online circles create a safe space for real talk, shared experiences, and joy.

Here's what you'll gain:

  • Connect with peers: Our circles are led by trained youth changemakers who build communities based on shared experiences and location. You'll connect with others who "get it" and build a lasting network of support.

  • Boost your resilience: Learn powerful strategies to manage climate anxiety, combat burnout, and take action sustainably. Our programme equips you with the tools you need to thrive, not just survive.

  • Action with purpose: You'll gain the confidence and skills to take meaningful action that aligns with your values and well-being.

  • No "activist" label required: Open to anyone with an interest in climate action, you don't need prior experience. Just bring your passion and a willingness to learn and grow.

How does it work? Starting in autumn 2024, our Resilience Circles combine depth psychology, insights from the inner development goals and community building to create our unique "climate activation" journey.

We recognise that urgent climate action is crucial. But how do we make our action sustainable, avoid burnout and keep fighting for the long run? How do we transform our fear and anger into something constructive and build supportive networks to lift each other up? Find out by applying to join a 2024 Circle.

As part of a Resilience  Circle, you will meet weekly with a group of other climate-concerned youth for 10 weeks, online, to build knowledge, community and practice.10 international circles have launched! Find the one that aligns with your needs and interests below:

  1. Resilience Circle

  2. East Africa Circle

  3. European Circle

  4. Diverse Voices Circle

  5. Student Circle

  6. Slovakia Circle

  7. Global Majority Circle

  8. Global Circle

  9. Scottish Circle

  10. Working Class Circle

Resilience Circle: “Inclusion & Justice”

ZonneJens Individual assets

Hosted by Zonne (she/her, Dutch) and Jens (they/them, Dutch)

“In our Resilience Circle we aim to open the conversation around the pains climate change brings us, as well as the exclusions and boundaries we face within the movement itself.

Because we believe all challenges are connected, and we must create space for those that care, but do not feel seen nor heard. Together we will work to take care of ourselves, ‚Äčeach other and the movement.”

Seeking Participants:

  • Proficient in English?

  • 18-26 years old and based in Europe?

  • A person who values intersectional environmentalism?

  • Especially welcome applications from communities that are currently underrepresented within the climate movement (e.g. working class, queer, disabled, POC)

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East Africa Circle: "The P.E.R.C"

SteveHannah Individual assets

Hosted by Hannah (she/her, Kenyan) and Steve (he/him, Kenyan), this is the Pamoja EastAfrika Resilience Circle (PERC). Pamoja is a Swahili word that means togetherness.

“We believe that when building resilience, we have to come together as a community and support each other. We believe in the power of collectiveness and togetherness.”

Seeking Participants:

  • From Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Somalia

  • Proficient in English?

  • 18-26 years old?

  • An activist or change-maker?

  • Especially welcoming of applications from indigenous and/or LGBTQ+ peoples.

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European Circle: "Inner Sustainability"

Maria & Lorenz Individual assets (1)

Hosted by Maria (she/her, Spanish) and Lorenz (he/him, German)

“The Inner Sustainability Circle aims to support activists to apply the principles of sustainable development not just to politics but also in the relationship we have toward ourselves.

We create a space to recharge and speak freely, with practical tools for self-care, mental health and prevention of burnout - to keep activism a sustainable process for the people doing it in the long-term.”

Seeking Participants:

  • Based in Barcelona or Germany?

  • Proficient in English?

  • 18-25 years old?

  • Especially welcoming of applications from those with diverse backgrounds.

  • All levels and types of activist experience welcome!

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Diverse Voices Circle: “Hurriya for All”

Tala & Leann Individual Assets

Hurriya is an Arabic word meaning freedom. Hosted by Tala (she/her, Palestinian) and Leann (she/her, South African and Bulgarian).

“Our inclusive group supports youth from diverse backgrounds in exploring eco-anxiety through an intersectional lens, connecting individuals from various communities and activism networks. We aim to create a space where everyone feels safe exploring their experiences and to create a lasting support network that extends beyond December.”

Seeking Participants:

  • Based in a GMT +/- 4 time zone?

  • Proficient in English?

  • 18-26 years old?

  • Priority will be given to those with diverse mental health experiences and neurodivergence

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Students Circle: "Students for Climate"

Rachel & Amelia Individual Assets

This Resilience Circle is hosted by Rachel (she/her, UK) and Amelia (she/her, UK)

“The Students for Climate resilience circle is for students studying degrees related to climate justice contributing to feeling overwhelmed by the climate crisis. Together, we will develop resilience strategies to effectively manage climate anxiety and build a community to support one another.”

Seeking Participants:

  • Proficient in English?

  • 18-25 years old?

    A UK-based University Students (BA or MA) studying environment- or social justice-related degrees?

  • Especially welcome applications from those with diverse and underrepresented backgrounds.

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Global Majority Circle: "Imagine Hope"

Sunita & Jasmine Individual Assets

Hosted by Sunita (she/her, UK) and Jasmine (they/she, UK). “This circle is by and for global majority folk who are based in the UK, with the core purpose of holding space for one another, and understanding the processes of cultivating joy, imagining hope, and building resilience.

We are particularly keen on welcoming queer and trans folks within these communities (we also hold this lived experience within our facilitators), and those with backgrounds and lived experiences who do not typically have access to agency or environments of care in the climate movement.”

Seeking Participants:

  • Based in the UK?

  • Proficient in English?

  • 18-26 years old?

  • A person of the Global Majority?

  • Especially welcome queer and trans folk, and those with underrepresented backgrounds and lived experiences.

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Global Circle: "The Sukoon Space"

Charlie & Muskan Individual Assets

This Resilience Circle is hosted by Muskan (she/her, Indian) and Charlie (she/her, French/Irish)

“Want to make a difference in the climate-mental health nexus but not sure how? The Sukoon Space is a safe and inclusive space for young leaders to come together. Our aim is to create a community of joy, creativity, vulnerability, and ease. You're welcome to come as you are and find yourself feeling cared for, resourced, and empowered.”

Seeking Participants:

  • Proficient in English?

  • 18-25 years old?

  • Passionate about climate and/or nature

  • Belonging to diverse cultures (we’d love to have many different perspectives!)

  • Interested in leadership and community building

  • Based within GMT +/- 4 time-zones

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Scottish Circle: "The Big Green Cup of Tea"

Ellie & Rhiannon Individual Assets

This Resilience Circle is hosted by Ellie (she/her, UK) and Rhiannon (she/her, UK)

“The big green cup of tea aims to be a welcoming and homely environment, encouraging discussions about emotions surrounding climate change over a cuppa! Our circle aims to support young adults aged 18-26 who live outside the central belt region of Scotland and/or who identify as disabled.”

Seeking Participants:

  • Living in Scotland but outside the central belt region?

  • Proficient in English?

  • 18-26 years old?

  • Have a connection to the issue of climate change?

  • Especially welcome applicants that identify as disabled

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Working Class Circle: "Classcare"

Zoe & Amaia Individual Assets

This Resilience Circle is hosted by Zoe (she/her, Dutch) and Amaia (she/her, Spanish) “Our circle aims to connect the working class experience and the climate justice movement across Europe. In line with this, we want to create a vulnerable space to collectivize and visibilize the effects of our social positionality onto our activism and overall life experiences.”

Seeking Participants:

  • Based in Europe?

  • Proficient in English?

  • 18-26 years old?

  • Identifying as working class?

  • A climate/social justice activist?

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Slovakian Circle: "C.I.F.A.K"

Sebastien & Vanesa Individual Assets

The Climate Individual First Aid Kit is hosted by Vanesa (she/her, Slovakian) and Sebastian (he/him, Slovakian)

“Are you civically active but feeling burned out due to the climate crisis? Join our new dynamic community, where you'll find understanding, mental empowerment, inspiration, and a supportive environment, along with opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and personal growth.”

Seeking Participants:

  • Slovakian or living in Slovakia?

  • 18-23 years old?

  • Looking to be politically active?

  • Has had difficulty with climate anxiety?

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Our community-led approach means that Circles are led by pairs of young changemakers for the community of their choosing. That means that you might not be eligible for our Circles this time round. Keep an eye on our Instagram page to apply to lead a Circle in 2025 or join our next cohort.

Sign up today and join the movement of empowered young changemakers! Head over to our Instagram to meet the Circle co-hosts!

P.S. Spread the word! Invite your friends who care about the climate to join you in a Resilience Circle.